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Swedish Student Visa Requirements

Swedish Student Visa Requirements

One of the challenges applicants to any of the top universities in Sweden face is getting a visa. Many people are uncertain of the requirements and how to meet them. The Swedish visa application process is pretty straightforward, taking two to four months. You must, however, complete all the prerequisites for applying.

Requirements for a Swedish Student Visa

The first prerequisite for a Swedish student visa is an admission offer from a university. The student must accept the offer and pay a significant portion of the tuition fee before applying for the visa, except if the student is on a scholarship. The entire application process is done online by submitting the required documents.

These documents include: 1. Copies of your passport 2. Proof of admission 3. Proof that the student has health insurance in Sweden 4. Bank statements showing sufficient funds to support the student for the study duration 5. Any scholarship documents (if available.) Students then pay the visa application fee of roughly $100 before proceeding to their local embassy for their residence permit.

Working With A Student Visa

An advantage of a Swedish student visa is that there are no restrictions on the number of hours you can work. This is great as it allows students to earn a living provided that it does not interfere with studies. Students may have their visas withdrawn if their work schedules affect their studies.