Training objectives to be achieved are:

TO1: to provide skills and competencies tailored to the fellows research projects and requirements.

TO2: to disseminate expertise and good practice in vaccinology throughout Europe by personal exchange and provide researchers able to sustain the EU Bio-Pharma, regulatory and academic sectors.

TO3: to provide training in entrepreneurship, management, academic writing and scientific publication and skills in writing documentation for CMC filing, which are needed to support cGMP productions and EMA/FDA filing.

TO4: to produce researchers with excellent communication skills for disseminating research findings and promoting commercial vaccine strategies to third party investors.

TO5: To empower the fellows to establish lifelong, effective scientific networks.


Structure of the training program;

ESRs and ERs will participate in an integrated web of training activities, both in their home university/ SME and within the network. Training will be via: (1) hands on training in an individual research project, (2) local training courses, (3) practical cross discipline training (via secondments to academic partner laboratories as well as industrial experience with our SME’s) and (4) network wide complementary skills courses via workshops and thematic practical training centres to deliver both TSRS and GTRS skills.

Overview of the training structure;



 Quality Control and Monitoring of Scientific and Training Objectives;





Workshops and Training activities; 



Agenda:14th -17th Sept 2014