To establish a reputation as a center to facilitate career development of young scientists, MIVAC has launched a career development program for young investigators at MIVAC, that provides a platform for personal and professional development. The program involves three levels of training, starting with the Coaching Creativity Course, followed by a Master Class of Science and finishing with a course that helps to establish good contacts with industry and societal aspects of academic research. The focus of the first course is teambuilding and leadership, whereas the second course addresses personal development and strategic choices important for the career of an independent young researcher. Here, the students are offered in-depth, one-to-one discussions with senior faculty about their research, aspirations and individual career plans.
MIVAC has been very successful in launching this program and 15 young MIVAC scientists have completed the two first courses.
More information about the contents of the leadership program can be found here.

Research about the importance of leadership for creativity in research groups

Recent research from Gothenburg University indicates that creativity among researchers in a research group is to a large extent dependent on the group leader. Read an abstract from the research report about the importance of leadership for research creativity.