Gut Microbial ecology and host metabolism

Group leader: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Fredrik Bäckhed (Associate Professor, PhD)

Members: Ava Allahyar (PhD student), Carina Arvidsson (Research Assistant), Robert Caesar (Postdoctoral Fellow), Jenny Felin (Research Associate), Frida Fåk (Postdoctoral Fellow), Thomas Greiner (Postdoctoral Fellow), Anna Hallén (Research Assistant), Helene Kling (Postdoctoral Fellow), Gina Nyström (Research Assistant, Christoph Reinhardt (Postdoctoral Fellow), Valentina Tremaroli (Postdoctoral Fellow), Anita Wichmann (Postdoctoral Fellow) and Gunnel Östergren Lundén (Laboratory Manager).

We live in a microbial world: our adult intestine contains ~100 trillion microbes - a numberFB ten times greater than the number of human cells in our body. During my postdoctoral training with Jeffrey Gordon at Washington University in St Louis, we found that the gut microbiota provides us with physiological traits that we have not had to evolve on our own, including the ability to process otherwise indigestible dietary polysaccharides and subsequently promote storage of these ‘extra' calories in adipocytes. Interestingly, we also found that obesity alters the gut microbial composition. Thus the gut microbiota can be considered an environmental factor that regulates fat storage.

The Bäckhed group investigates the intricate interactions between the gut microbiota and the host mucosa with the overall aim to understand the molecular foundations how the gut microbiota is assembled and whether variations in the gut microbial ecology may affect host metabolism. We are especially interested in the interactions between the gut microbiota and the innate immune system.

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