Core Facility for Mammalian protein expression

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The core facility Mammalian Protein Expression (MPE) offers the production of proteins, either recombinant or endogenous, for research use. We use mammalian cell lines as our expression system in order to get proteins with post-translational modifications such as glycosylation.

The facility has equipment for the small and large scale culture of most mammalian cells, growing either attached or in suspension.

For cells growing attached to a plastic surface, we have a roller bottle culture system that can generate large surface areas with minimal medium volume requirements.

For cells growing in suspension, we have spinner bottles for the culture of volumes up to 300 ml. We also have 1 and 3 litre bioreactors for perfusion culture for more optimized culture conditions, giving a higher yield of protein (up to a total of 20 liters of media). This will be the culture method of choice for the large-scale production of secreted recombinant proteins in for example Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

For the production of recombinant proteins, the centre can provide expert guidance on how to construct expression plasmids for mammalian cells. We can also advice or perform the cloning and selection of high-producing cells.

The centre also offers a first analysis of generated products by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot. We also concentrate the product into volumes that are easy to handle and may, depending on available time, perform a first simple purification step.

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