Important publications:
Eriksson A, Schön K and Lycke N. (2004). The Cholera Toxin-Derived CTA1-DD Vaccine Adjuvant Administered Intranasally Does Not Cause Inflammation or Accumulate in the Nervous Tissues. J. Immunol. 173: 3310-3319

Akhiani A, Stensson A, Schön K and Lycke N. (2005). IgA antibodies impair resistance against Helicobacter pylori infection; studies on immune evasion in IL-10 deficient mice. J. Immunol., 174:8144-8153, 2005

Grdic D, Ekman L, Schön K, Lindgren K, Mattsson J, Magnusson K-E, Ricciardi-Castagnoli P and Lycke N. (2005). Splenic marginal zone dendritic cells mediate the cholera toxin adjuvant effect: dependence on the ADP-ribosyl transferase activity oth the holotoxin. J. Immunol., 175: 5192-5202

Helgeby A, Robson N, Donachie A, Beackock-Scharp H, Lövgren K, Mowat A and Lycke N. (2006). The combined CTA1-DD/ISCOM adjuvant vector promotes priming of mucosal and systemic immunity to incorporated antigens by specific targeting of B cells.  J Immunol. 176:3697-3706.


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